Our January meeting got quickly to the real business of Art Nude Ireland which is to promote and develop the art nude genre of photography within Ireland.

Options for our first exhibition were put forward. There was an option to hold a slot at Filmbase at the end of May. However it was felt this was too soon so we have set a target of this Autumn which gives us a target to put together a suitable body of work. It was agreed that as we will be exhibiting as a collective, we will show works where both model(s) and photographer are members. Members who have not yet produced work together now have a number of months to get something organised. Filmbase and Inspire Gallerie are still the 2 most possible locations for the exhibition. The curation process will likely be something along the lines of each member submitting say 4 images, and the collective choosing 2 from each members submission.

Doug Ross has again offered to print the images for us but we need to bear in mind he has his own exhibition to work on so this will need to be scheduled well in advance for a time that suits Doug. Both Doug and Paul Brady offered to investigate the options/costs of mounting images. Free hanging prints are also possible with suitable paper.

Doug gave a presentation on the upcoming Symposium/Workshop in Leitrim. The workshop is on the 6th of May but there is also an option of attending for the duration of the event with accommodation available at an extremely good rate. Proceeds from the workshop go to charity but for exact details please contact Doug as my notes didn’t keep up with all the content.

Possible locations for another ANI group shoot were also discussed with a few very interesting possibilites. Locations suggested include Howth Castle, Townley Hall and a house on Nth Gt Georges St used by the film industry. If we wanted to travel a bit further, Cregg Castle in Galway was also suggested as a couple of us have already shot there and can vouch for it as a location.

We had 3 presentations of work from July, Vonna and Doug which closed off the evening most enjoyably.

Our next meeting has been set for Monday 13th February, usual time and location.

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