Below you will find the details of our upcoming and past exhibitions.

Current/Next Exhibition

We currently have no exhibition running, but watch this space for some exciting news of our upcoming exhibitions and plans for 2019.

Photo Ireland Festival 2018

Art Nude Ireland took part in the Photo Ireland Festival in May 2018, with an exhibition in the Inspire Galerie, Dublin. The Exhibition ran for a full week, and was entitled ‘The Body / Le Corps”, a joint exhibition between Art Nude Ireland and the Exchiquir Collectif, based in France. You can view the exhibited images Here.

Art Nude Ireland’s Inaugural Exhibition

We held our first ever exhibition as a collective on 13th – 17th November 2017 in Filmbase in Templebar, Dublin 2. This exhibition put a lot of our collective out of their comfort zone, but also let us see the work that goes into hosting such an event. The images for this exhibition can be views Here.