I have been a full time artist since 1985, working at first as a painter and sculptor. Since 2002 my main medium has been photography. There are three main threads to my work. Firstly, I am interested in creating art that explores the main stories of life: birth, love, parenting, crisis, transformational experiences, the dark side of life such as betrayal, mystery, and death. The second main feature of my work is that it is collaborative. My preferred way of working is to explore common ground with the people that I photograph. This involves telling each other stories that explain our outlook on life and what is important to us and trying to create work that conveys the meaning ( or even the mystery) of these experiences. Finally, my work is largely fine art nude photography. The body is a powerfully expressive part of who we are. I work with men and women. My primarily consideration in working with anyone is not whether they fit into any stereotypical vision of what we are supposed to look like, but whether they are interested in actively engaging in an exploration of what it’s like to be alive.

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