Ken Byrne Photography is made up of Ken & Áine, We specialise in wedding and fine Art-Nude photography. You might think that the two don’t mix well but actually they go hand in hand. Being good at one only make us better at the other, We learned the art of lighting the human form by shooting Art-Nude and this translated into our weddings as light is the first and most important aspect of any image, in my humble opinion.

Light, Location, Pose, Technique & Emotion are the elements needed to create great images! We are fortunate to have learned a lot from our work and we now use Art-Nude as a away to teach others in the same elements with the same techniques we ourselves use!

Weddings are our main source of income but we still love to get away and go off to shoot with some like-minded individuals to try new techniques and create some amazing images without any pressure. The fact that we always shoot as a pair I think makes our couples or models feel more relaxed and at ease; perhaps it’s just that we like to have fun and have a laid back approach to life. Either way it works well and we don’t feel the need to change it, so much so in fact that we now have a number of brides doing some boudoir and Art-Nude before or on the morning of their weddings; I guess its a good way for the groom not to get cold feet haha!

As I said we love to collaborate with new like-minded people so please dont hesitate to contact.

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